Otttis Castle

Saturday, 20. October 2018, was a lovely day for a drive with the First Coast Miata Club. Our president, Linda French, arranged for a short drive from Mandarin (an area in the southeastern part of Jacksonville, FL) to Otttis Castle, just north of St. Augustine on Florida State Road A1A. “Castle Otttis was created as an original landscape-sculpture… ‘Done in Remembrance of JESUS CHRIST.’” The three t’s in it’s name is no typo. The three t’s represent the three crosses on Calvary. The castle is a free-lance interpretation of an Irish monastery, and is filled with religious symbolism. Let’s see if you can spot some of the symbolism in my photos:

Hello world!

Unfortunately, the server I’m using, hosting both of my web sites (this and Arved Grass Photography) was hacked. So I’ve had to start over. I’ll try and find some of the old posts that were popular, and repost them, but I’m going to start afresh. Please bookmark the site, and come back often!